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Summer Groove with Oriental Carpet Brokers

July / August 2009

Enjoy the summer with a touch of Carpet Magic

Summer Groovin' with a Rug from Oriental Carpet Brokers

In this warm summer temperatures, it’s best to stay cool. That’s why we have frozen our prices for you so you can get a real bargain before heading off on holidays! We carry more Authentic handmade Rugs and carpets than any other UK online dealer. All our rugs and carpets are guaranteed authentic and made by hand. With an inventory of thousands of rugs and a unparalleled variety of Persian and Oriental styles, you’re sure to find the one that suits your style and budget.

We Currently offer large stocks of Ziegler carpets, Silk Rugs, Carpets and Textiles as well as an amazing selection of Tribal items at amazing cool Prices.

We are happy to cool you down.

Important Note: The warehouse is closed till the 1 September. You can still make an appointment for September or buy online.

Dedicated Ziegler Carpet Section We have one of the most varied collection of Ziegler Carpets Designs online!!

Go Tribal! Are you looking for something different to decorate your home? Do you want to impress your friends? We offer a large selection of rare Antique saddlebags, Soffreh mats, Mafresh Bags and other amazing Nomadic and Tribal Items.

Take a look at our extensive stock

Anatolian Kelim (Old) , 8’ 8” x 3’ 5” (265 x 105 cm) for only £975.-

Stylish Ziegler in Heriz design and organic colours for only £4250.-

Superb Room Size Ziegler Carpet, India only £4250.- , 9’ 11” x 7’ 10” (301 x 239 cm )

Dedicated Ziegler Area We have one of largest selections of Ziegler Carpets in various colours. New colours include: Soft Beige, Rose and Azur. Click to see our Ziegler collection

Luxury Silk Srinagar Carpet from Kashmir for only £3500.-

Silk Srinagar Carpet , 9’ 11” x 7’ 1” (301 x 215 cm) for only £3500.-

A superb pure silk medallion carpet in which delicacy of colour combines with the wonderful iridescence of the fine silk pile to produce a master-work of matchless splendour and luxury. A classical Koranic medallion from the ancient decorative lineage of Central Persia is elegantly encased in an arrangement of delicate floral ornaments, while stylised floral devices embedded in the scrolling corner spandrels contribute significantly to the item’s visual magnificence. A great opportunity to acquire a 6 square metre Silk Carpet for under £4000.-

Sumptuous Goltogh Kanare Runner, for only £1465.-

Lovely Goltogh Runner, Iran only £1450.- , 11’ 7” x 7’ 5” (353 x 225 cm)

Tribal Rugs We have a fantastic selection of exceptional Nomadic and Tribal examples of the Art and Craft of the Knot. All of these Hand made Gems will be available online by the end of this month. You will be able to buy rare Saddle bags, beautiful tribal Decorations, unusual Soffreh but also Uzbek Janjims, Qash’qai rugs, Yomut Asmalyk and many more truly works of art. We have now slashed prices on these Items. Click here to see our Tribal collection

A beautiful unique Handmade Nain Carpet for only £2750.-

Nain Carpet with all over arabesque floral design, 10’ 1” x 6’ 6” (307 x 198 cm) for only £2750.-

This beautiful and well-knotted item originates from the small yet world-famous town of Nain, situated to the east of Isfahan in the great Lut desert of Central Persia, and represents one of the most elevated levels of Persian master-workshop knotting art. The intricacy and clarity of draughtsmanship which has been applied to the all over islimi (arabesque) composition, the grace with which the floral embellishment field has been orchestrated, and the tranquillity of the border’s ornamental rhythm, all combine into a visual statement of matchless elegance. The renowned Nain palette of delicate, predominantly pastel dye shades reciprocates the design and its pencil-like drawing to perfection, while the superb wool of the fine pile is richly chased throughout with glistening accents of inlay work.

Luxury Silk Srinagar Carpet from Kashmir for only £3000.-

Silk Srinagar Carpet , 9’ 5” x 6’ 1” (286 x 185 cm) for only £3000.-

A high quality example of a pure silk Srinagar masterwork rug employs a magnificent design incorporating meticulously-drawn symbolic floral motifs which derives from the great animal carpets of the Mughal and Safavid dynastic periods.

Antique French Aubusson Tapestry 8'11'' x 5' 11'' (273 x 181 cm)

Pure art on the floor! We offer an amazing range of old and antique rugs, carpets and tapestries. see for yourself! Our prices are unbeatable! Click here for art on the floor

Sell your carpet through www.orientalcarpetbrokers.com!

Thinking of selling your carpet? You want to sell your carpet but you cannot be bothered to drag your carpet around town and not getting the price you want? Now you can sell your carpet from the comfort of your chair using our selling platform through www.orientalcarpetbrokers.com. How does it work? We list your item against a small fee and add a good description. All we need is some basic information on your rug as well as good quality photograph in jpg format. We will do the rest! Want to know more? click here to contact us today!

New Feature Search by Origin!

Search By Origin Looking for a handmade item from a specific region? Then why not try our Search by Origin.

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Important Note to Manufacturers / Exporters / Importers: We strictly do not buy any carpets or rugs directly from manufacturers

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