How are your carpet sizes are measured?

All our size measurements relate to the pile area only of knotted pile carpets, and to the woven area of kelims, soumacs and other flatweaves, and also of tapestries.

This means that the sizes given for knotted pile carpets do not include any kelim end webs, or any side finishes.

All items are measured along their vertical and horizontal central axes, as follows:

How Length is measured:

(Fringes and other end finishes are not included in our length measurements)

How Width is measured:

(Edge selvages or other side finishes are not included in our width measurements)

Also note, length is always first in our published sizes, with width second.

What carpet sizes do you have in stock?

Size will often - even usually - be the first consideration when selecting a rug, before even price or age.

Availability of sizes

Due to the brokerage nature of our business, the sizes in our stock will generally reflect those sizes most generally in demand in the current UK and International markets.

This has meant that for many years now we have always carried a very wide range in the larger room sizes which have been a dominant trend of the recent decorative period.

Extra Large Sizes

We offer an extremely good choice in the extra-large sizes over 14’ x 10’ (over 400 x 300 cm), including oversizes up to 24’ x 15’. We additionally have some extremely long runners, up to 35’ long, which are very hard to find as anyone with a long hallway or corridor will testify.

Due to the physical difficulties in photographing such extra-large items, we are currently illustrating only a few examples on this website, to give an idea of the types and designs we have in stock. This special selection will be continually added to as new photographs become available. In the meantime, if you are looking for any very large carpets, of any style, age or origin, please call or send an enquiry to find out what we have in stock.

Unusual and rare sizes

We will also normally have an excellent choice in the more rare and unusual sizes, particularly in our antique stock. This is because the older Oriental rugs and carpets were often made to fulfil a specific function in the weaver’s home, or were made in sizes traditional to their locality. They were seldom made in the popular ‘western’ sizes which are catered for in today’s more export-orientated production.

How old are your carpets?

We use the most widely recognised terminology for indicating the approximate age of all carpets in our stock, as follows:

  • Contemporary = made within the past 25 years
  • Semi-old = made between 25 and 50 years ago
  • Old = 50 - 100 years old
  • Antique = over 100 years old

Its as simple as that, and we adhere as strictly as possible to this terminology for indicating age throughout our online listings.

The only other meaningful term in carpet language in respect of age is reference to the Classical Period. This is generally taken to refer to the period of the Safavid dynasty monarchy in Persia, which lasted from 1501 CE until 1722 CE, and is considered the first ‘Golden Age’ of Persian carpet art. More accurately, it refers to the Persian carpets made between the reigns of the two greatest Safavid Shahs, Tahmasp I (1524-1576 CE) and Shah Abbas I (1587-1629 CE), those masterpieces today almost entirely confined to the world’s major museum collections.


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