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Make a Shortlist of your rug selections

Focus your rug search at Oriental Carpet Brokers with the Shortlist facility.

When searching for Oriental rugs or other handmade textiles on our website, you can add items of interest to your own personal Shortlist by clicking on the Add to Shortlist button.

To view your Shortlist, click the View Shortlist links you will see whenever you add a new item to your shortlist, or click on the View Shortlist links in the menu at the bottom of each page.

When viewing your shortlist, you can remove any items no longer required by entering a 0 (zero) in the Quantity (Qty.) field of the form and then clicking on the Update button at the bottom of your list.

After viewing your Shortlist, you may continue browsing the site, and adding further items. Your list will be saved throughout your current browsing session.

When you have compiled a final Shortlist, you can print it out by clicking the Print Shortlist button.

You can bring your Shortlist when making a private visit to our Warehouse, or refer to it when calling our Customer Service on +44-20-70919944 to arrange a Viewing or a Home Visit.

You can also use it as a Wishlist, to send to friends or relations as an indication of the items you would always be grateful to receive as gifts, or for any similarly positive purpose!

The Shortlist function is one more way Oriental Carpet Brokers helps you find exactly the carpets and weavings you are looking for.


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